Hi. Thanks for taking your valuable time to read my blog.

I struggled with what to call the blog, thinking something clever is needed.  In the end, however, I just decided to use my name and not limit myself to one area or field as I might have if I had titled my blog differently.

I plan to write here about what interests me, what I find useful, and hopefully along the way provide some value to any readers who stop by.

I am a PhD biophysicist currently working as a postdoc at UCSF Mission Bay.  I am interested in continuing my career in early stage drug discovery; I find the nexus between biophysics, cell biology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and medicine absolutely fascinating!

I am also interested in the life sciences venture capital industry and may post about that from time to time.

Please contact me with questions, comments, or job opportunities at:



**Legal Disclaimer: any viewpoints expressed in this blog are mine, and are in no way to be construed as representative of the views of University of California.  I am not writing as an official representative of UCSF.  This is a personal blog.**

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